All Day Menu From 6:00AM - 2:00PM

All Day Menu From 6:00AM - 2:00PM

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                                   CHILL CAFE 89 ALL DAY MENU

Smashed Avocado w/ feta & a poached egg served on Turkish bread 17.5


Omelette w/ tomato red onion spinach & cheese served with Turkish bread 19


Eggs on Turkish bread - poached or fried 12.5 Eggs on Turkish bread - scrambled 14.5


Savoury mince w/ a poached egg served on Turkish bread 16.5


Brekkie Burger w/ bacon egg cheese bbq & aioli sauce 12


Pancakes w/ mixed berries cream & maple syrup 14.5 Pancakes w/ bacon & maple syrup 15.5


Corn Fritters w avocado & bacon 21


Brekkie Wrap w/ bacon tomato egg spinach cheese & bbq sauce 19


Big Breakfast  w/ 2 eggs bacon hash brown roasted tomato herbed mushrooms & Turkish bread 24


Eggs Benedict w/ spinach, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise & Turkish bread.

Ham 19.5 Bacon 19.5 Salmon 22 Veg 18.5


Vegetarian Big Breakfast w/ 2 eggs 1/2 avocado halloumi spinach herb mushrooms Turkish bread 21


Gluten Free Muesli w/ natural yoghurt mixed berries milk & honey 14.5


2 slices of Toast w/ butter. Choose vegemite jam or nutella (GF, Wholemeal White or Turkish bread) 5.5


Thick Cut Raisin Toast 1 slice 3.5 Thick Cut Raisin Toast 2 slices


Open or Closed Toasted Turkish Bread Sandwich


Ham, cheese & tomato relish 9 Chicken, cheese & avocado 11.5 Mediterranean 14


Maple Chicken w/ bacon & cashew salad 21


Beef & Bacon Burger w/ egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese & bbq sauce 17.5


BLT on Turkish w/ bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli & bbq sauce 16.5


Tender Rib Eye Steak Sandwich w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese, caramelised onion, aioli & bbq sauce 19.5


House-made Vegetable Arancini Balls w/ salad & beetroot relish 20


Chicken Parmigiana w/ chips & salad 20


Crumbed Whiting w/ chips & salad 19.5


Grill'd NZ Orange Roughy w/ pumpkin pesto feta salad 27


Seafood Marinara Pasta 24


Creamy Coconut Garlic Prawns w/ steamed rice 26


House-made Gluten Free Flash Fried Calamari w/ asian lychee salad 21.5


Freshly House-made Pizza's


Mediterranean Vegetarian  20 Meat Lovers  22 Seafood Marinara 24